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Own the conversation.

Tact brings together all your customer information—from your email and calendar, to Salesforce and more—so you can capture your important conversations in one beautifully simple app. And Tact follows you wherever you go in your career, helping you build lasting relationships.


Noteworthy notation.

What good is a conversation if you don't remember what was said? Tact is the fastest way to capture notes on emails, phone calls and meetings. You can even set follow-up tasks and share your notes with colleagues via Salesforce or email.

Noteworthy notation
Noteworthy notation.

Stick to your best
laid plans.

Tact reminds you with a simple daily agenda that lays out your follow-ups from previous conversations and calendar appointments, and Salesforce tasks and events. You can even initiate calls, emails and texts right inside the app. And since every reminder is one swipe away from your conversation history, you’ll always be prepared.

Stick to your best laid plans.

Treat your contacts like people.

Whether you’re remembering their birthday or their favorite soul song, sometimes it’s the little details that help you relate to people. Tact brings your rolodex to life by organizing and updating photos, LinkedIn profiles, Salesforce history and notes from past conversations.

Treat your contacts like people.
Treat your contacts like people.

Everything. Everywhere. Two very big ideas.

You have all your music on iCloud and all of your files in Dropbox, but what about all your relationship data? Tact stores all of your information—with no note, task, contact or conversation left behind—in a secure, personal cloud. From there, it’s synced to your device, so all that glorious information is instantly available everywhere you go—even with zero bars.

Everything. Everywhere. Two very big ideas.

Your relationships.
Your data.

Tact gives you the power to share only what you want to your colleagues via email or Salesforce. The rest is for your eyes only. And you get to keep your data no matter who you work for. With Tact, your data is always secure, shareable, and most importantly, yours.

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