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Finally, an app built for field sales

When you're on the road, CRM is the stop you'd rather avoid. Tact is a new, more productive way to sell and it brings Salesforce into the apps you already use — phone, email, calendar, maps and more — and works more like you do, truly mobile. Now, you can get the most out of Salesforce, your mobile phone, and your day.

Stay in sync and a step ahead

Things can slip through the cracks when your day is packed with back-to-back sales calls. Tact syncs all your emails, tasks, meetings and other activities to help you stay on schedule. And it gently nudges you at the right moments to log your notes and follow-ups to Salesforce — it's like the personal assistant you always wanted.

Connect the dots

It's not about who you know, but how you use what you know to sell smarter. Tact turns information — from Salesforce, Exchange, Gmail, LinkedIn and more — into insight that helps you communicate more effectively with your customer. It even notifies you when the customer engages with your content and tracks which part of the message is resonating.

Wherever you are

Say goodbye to slow and clunky apps that drain your patience (and your battery) and don’t work offline. Tact is a native app that gives you the real mobile experience that Apple and Google intended. Scan business cards, craft messages, update Salesforce and more, anytime, anywhere. Who says you have to stop working when your cellular coverage does?

And that's not all...

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Simple, self-service setup

Salespeople can get setup on their own within minutes. No need to bother your CRM admin or the IT department.

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Teams love Tact, too

Are you a manager or admin? Improve Salesforce adoption and get better visibility into your team's sales activity & pipeline. See what sales teams are saying about Tact.

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